Athlete Web Services, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing the sports world with
professional, user-friendly websites and promotion management. AWS offers athletes
of all ages - amateur and professional, complete website design, development, and
management packages. It is our goal to provide an excellent interactive, informational
and entertaining resource for the site visitor while maintaining the content, marketing
and revenue generation necessary for a successful sports-related website.

Professional, College, High School and other Amateur Athletes
Teams, Leagues and Sports-Related Organizations
Academic Institution Athletic Departments

Athletes or Teams that would like their own charity/foundation site
Retired Athletes that have careers in sports-related industries
Businesses specializing in sports-related merchandise or services
Friends and Family of athletes looking to give a website as a gift

Domain name registration and retrieval
Website design and development
Website hosting
Site maintenance and management
Unique website features and functions
Revenue generation opportunities
Advertising, marketing and promotions


Important Notice:
Marketing, promotion and revenue generation strategies/options may vary depending on: 1.) Athlete age and/or level of sport competition and/or participation 2.) Team's level of competition and/or participation 3.) Governing organization's rules and regulations 4.) Client's existing endorsement contracts and/or other contractual limitations. Please view our complete Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
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